Birth Story



Need to Know Info:

+journalistic B&W coverage
of baby's birth
+Print Release to images
+Online downloadable gallery
+All edited images
+USB drive
+1 outfit & 1 location

* 20% retainer to book.
non-refundable but transferable to fresh 48



+Birth Story Photography is candid capturing of the journey and emotions surrounding birth of baby.
+This is not posed portraits with family members holding baby.
(this is best fit for a fresh 48)
+During 3rd Trimester mom will stay in CLOSE contact with Me, This is to ensure I will be present and not run into any scheduling conflicts.
+Once in labor, or begin induction, notify Me. I will arrive when you are around 5 cm dilated or when you choose to get the epidural.
+It is imperative your delivering physician is aware you will have a birth photographer. Some do not allow it, I recommend discussing with them prior to contacting me. 
+I am discreet and stay out of the way of all medical staff as they do their jobs.


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